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Simon and NYLine lead stories on Bantha Tracks Online!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2005 10:44 pm    Post subject: Simon and NYLine lead stories on Bantha Tracks Online! Reply with quote


For those that don't have a Hyperspace account the complete text of both stories is below.

EDIT by simon: I've replaced my real name with my board alias in every instance here. The real name appears on the original starwars.com version. If anyone else wants their real name removed or replaced, please PM me.

36 See Sith Again on Fan Day

Congratulations to members of the fan group NYLine (New York Line), who gathered the largest group for a viewing -- 36 strong - in our "See Episode III Again" contest. NYLine, whose "stand-a-thons" at New York City's Ziegfeld Theatre before Revenge of the Sith benefited the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, has a traditional group outing on what they call "Fan Day" -- the one-month anniversary of the release of the film. Their Fan Day happened to fall within the contest period, earning them well-deserved recognition in Bantha Tracks.

"Fan Day is a NYLine tradition dating back to 1999 with the release of Episode I," says Suzanne Sousa, a member of the group who has seen Episode III 10 times as of this edition. "This year's Fan Day for Episode III was especially memorable because we had a pool party, followed by a screening at the Ziegfeld, then dinner at a favorite hamburger joint and then celebratory drinks at a nearby bar!"

Members of the group attest that there is nothing like seeing a Star Wars movie with a crowd of fellow fans. In fact, they recently celebrated "Fan Day II" on July 18th, with dinner, the movie, and drinks at a nearby bar.

"I'm positive that NYLine members will get together for the absolute last, digital public screening of Episode III in New York City when we get final word of an exact day and time," concludes Sousa.

Congratulations to these 36 members of NYLine who gathered to see Revenge of the Sith in New York City (list includes the photographer):

Virve Aljas

Sara Benn

Howard Braham

Shirley Caduhada

Mike Cahill

John Cashin

David Comeau

Julio Correa

Freddie Crespo

Simon Diaz

Dave Evans

Ron Greenburg

Karen Grenke

Michele Hadlow

Vince Hardy

Charles Jeffreys

Jan Kent

Lauren Kent

Matt LaStella

Lynne Lipton

Steve Lorenzo

Steve Lubot

Rob Martin

Monica Maslowski

Samentha Maslowski


Claire Samuels

Jason Sassenoff

Amit Saxena

Steven Schwartz

Jon Simantov

AJ Smith

Suzanne Sousa

Michael Spellacy

John Yencades

Tom Youmazzo

[b]"See Sith Again" Winner - It's All About the Movie

August 09, 2005

Star Wars Movie Fan Simon Diaz Sees Revenge of the Sith Again...and Again...and Again

Before New Yorker Simon Diaz had a chance to read about the "See Episode III Again Sweepstakes" on starwars.com, he had an Inbox full of emails from excited friends who were eager to tell him about the contest.

"You see," says Diaz, "while many fans have something that's their 'thing,' be it costuming, fan fiction, collecting, etc., my 'thing' is repeat viewing. And it has been more so with Revenge of the Sith being the last prequel."

When Diaz sent his email notice to Bantha Tracks to enter the contest on July 5, he had already seen Sith 58 times, and was headed out to view it for the 59th soon after he hit the "send" button. During the contest period, which ran from June 10 through July 4, he saw the film 29 times. An avid collector of his ticket stubs since the Special Editions, Diaz chose to mail in charge slips, and also sent a photograph of the actual ticket stubs.

A fan since 1977, Diaz first saw Star Wars when he was 8 years old. "I'd spend all my allowance on bargain matinees, and often see the movie twice or even three times a day during the summer," he recalls. "For me, clearly, Star Wars is all about the movies."

According to Diaz, his repeat viewings became a whole new sport with the prequels. He committed to watching The Phantom Menace in the theater every day for the first month of its run. Some days near the beginning of the run he went multiple times each day.

"It's always been easy in the first weeks of the run to find friends who are seeing the movie more than once a day," says Diaz. "But by the end of the month, you're more or less on your own."

Diaz notes that he watched The Phantom Menace at theaters all over town, but with the release of Attack of the Clones in 2002 he decided that DLP (Digital Light Processing) projection would be the factor that determined where he saw the film. The Ziegfeld Theatre in New York was his favorite place, and he repeated his Episode I goal of watching the movie at least once a day for the first month.

"Everyone here loved the movie and there was lots of company right away for multiple viewings a day in the first few weeks," recalls Diaz. "But a group of us went far beyond that, seeing the movie a few times a week until July, when the run at the Zieg ended after seven weeks."

After that, the group chased the old-fashioned print showings all over town until the run "ended quietly on one little screen of a Times Square multiplex" in September. Diaz topped out at over 100 viewings and stopped counting.

"Luckily the IMAX release was only a few weeks away," he laughs.

Diaz learned that Revenge of the Sith would only run five weeks at the Ziegfeld, and decided to extend his one month of daily viewing to all five weeks on the Zieg's impressive DLP setup.

"After all, this was the optimal way to see the movie," he says. "When you see it on such a huge screen in DLP with perfect sound, you see and hear things you can never isolate on a film print at a multiplex-sized screen. This was the last new Star Wars movie and I was going to gobble up all the Star Wars there was to see!"

As of this Bantha Tracks edition Diaz is still going every day. He's not sure if he'll keep it up, or taper off his viewings, but he's waiting to decide. With tomorrow's trip to the theater on August 10, he will have watched Revenge of the Sith 100 times.

"One thing is sure," he concludes, "my thumbnail review that I give to people who tag along with me to the movie and wonder what it's like after so many viewings: 'Movie still good.'"

Bantha Tracks: How do you rate Revenge of the Sith compared to the other Star Wars movies?

Simon Diaz: "It's always hard to rank favorites among the six episodes. The two trilogies are really such different animals for me. But Revenge of the Sith is certainly a keystone and my favorite of the prequel trilogy."

BT: What is the best seat in the Ziegfeld?

SD: "I decided to map my viewing, taking note of the seat numbers and writing on the backs of each of my stubs. M107 is the best seat in the house. It's the center of the orchestra. Row M is the best row, but K and L aren't too shabby either."

BT: Favorite scenes?

SD: "Anakin's turn in Palpatine's office was fantastic. We really got to see the relationship between Anakin and the Emperor form in Episode III. And I was so glad that we got to see how Darth Vader was Darth Vader independent of the suit and the helmet. My favorite single scene is the Jedi Purge. The ruin of the Jedi at the hands of Vader is something we've heard about since the beginning - I was really glad that we got to see it without any punches pulled. And with the clones turning on the Jedi throughout the galaxy, it was fantastic to watch Palpatine's trap snap shut."

BT: Any scenes during which you might duck out to the concession stand?

SD: "Well, as a rule, I never leave during any portion of the movie, even at non-Star Wars movies. But if I had to pick, I'd probably go during the hallway scene between Obi-Wan and Anakin in the Jedi Temple, right after Anakin's appointed to the Council. I really like the dialogue scenes and the exposition is all necessary. But after this many viewings, it's a scene I'd miss the least and stand a chance of getting back before getting that first glimpse of a Wookiee on the clone army's launch pad."

BT: Have you had time to read the novelization by Matt Stover, and if so, what did you think?

SD: I actually have. The novelization is interesting, but I take it strictly as expanded universe. For me, the story of Star Wars is one told on film, first and foremost. That said, it is interesting to explore possible back stories and motivations in the book and to get a glimpse of things that didn't make it into the movie. My favorite of those is Yoda's conversation with Qui-Gon Jinn's Jedi ghost on Polis Massa. Guess we'll have to keep our fingers crossed to see if that makes the DVD!"
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